Ahmed Hosni
Founder & Group CEO

22 years of broad experience in Sales, Marketing, business development, corporate structuring & business management in several industries (B2B & B2C) business . Extensive insurance career in outlook, involved in wider range of insurance projects over 18 years Graduated in Commerce - Cairo University in 1999-2000 MBA in Marketing - German University of Cairo in 2008

22 years’ of experience in Sales, Marketing and business development in several areas of insurance and financial services industry around MEA .
Long career in insurance industry in Egypt involved in areas of (Life, nonlife and health insurance business) for retail and corporate lines, all related to distribution channels and brokering development.
Enhanced my professional experience through academic background accomplishing MBA in the German University of Cairo to develop business from higher professional understanding and be supported with methodology of business success planning to implement strategies on a global standards .
Practical experience delivering training (sales teams, managers, brokers, business associates, operation)
a part of the contributions and ideas starting up development project for the sales division "Allianz Leader ship school".
Ability to build strategic vision to any organization where i am involved, any development required to start up any business .
ability to sit KPI's to build, operate and maintain business .
business performance and evaluation process performance to achieve my daily tactical goals .
-Self-motivated, focused and goal-oriented.
-Creative thinker with solid analytical and problem solving skills.
-Proven leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating teams.
-A proven achiever with the ability to work in unison as a part of a team, keeping the values of honesty and integrity.
-Energetic and fast to fit corporate culture with a positive attitude and excellent interpersonal skills.
-Effective communication with the team, company and customers.
Industries: Life Assurance Business, Nonlife Business, Health Insurance Business, Financial Services, Funds, Investment, HR (Recruitment, Training & Development) .
Function and specialties: B2B & B2C business in Sales & Marketing areas, Products Development, Customers focus.
Building distribution channels models, Development and managing regional networks in MEA.