Middle East & Africa HUB

We are building collaboration bridges between Middle East and world to enable insurance brokers & Advisors access worldwide expertise through hyperd strategic partnership platforms.

BrokNet Network was founded in October 2017 with the vision of creating a unique broker alliance network to support individual & corporate clients of Arab brokers in Middle East and Africa.

The founders of BrokNet Group MEA have many years of experience working with well-known international insurance providers. From this the founding idea of Broknet Group MEA was born: to create a network which facilitates access to international products for small and medium-sized independent Arab brokers.

BrokNet Group MEA is based in Dubai, UAE. This location in the geographical center of MEA positions us to expand into the Middle East & African region. By 2020 we plan to be represented in 15countries via our network or associates.

Nowadays Broknet Group Copmanies becoming all together to support thier clients with all thier subsidaries:

  1. Broknet Reinsurnace - Egypt
  2. Broknet insurance Brokers - Egypt
  3. Broknet client Services - Egypt
  4. Broknet Insurance & Reinsurance DMCC- UAE
  5. Broknet Tech Ltd DIFC- UAE

One Group of BrokNet companies by 2023 established new millstone around the region by engaging more network of Lloyds Brokers and global networks to expand its footprint to global market and move more steps toward the group growth strategy.

Feb 2019 : Broknet Group MEA Establish Tech Arm in DIFC

Broknet Group Establish InsurTech startup under FinTech Hive at DIFC to build InsurTech solutions to transform the insurance into digital platforms and change the way of cover, Broknet Tech DIFC aims to support all Broknet Network Brokers around MEA and grow for global outlook.

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Jun 2019 : Broknet Tech preparing to the first Insurance Walet around the region

first aggregator with insurance wallet ready to go live in UAE by Q1-2020 to celebrate with the UAE the year of EXPO 2020.

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Dec 2019 : Broknet Insurance & Reinsurance sign MOU with MARS Group

Broknet Insurance & Reinsurance signs MOU with MARS Group to provide their clients globally with insurance consultancy for their risk mitigations

Broknet Insurance & Reinsurance assign new Director

New Broknet Insurance & Reinsurance DMCC assigning new director for the reinsurance division to focus on 2 regions, Middle East & Africa in addition to Caribbean region for more engagements with the industry stakeholders and support new services added values.